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OSSA Explorer 250i 15 Plaquettes de Frein Arrière BRENTA (Type GG) [AA5368]

L'Image ci-dessous montre: Plaquettes de Frein Arrière BRENTA (Type GG). Milliers d'autre de bonne qualité pièces de rechange listées sur notre site internet à d'agréables petits prix.

OSSA Explorer 250i 15 Plaquettes de Frein Arrière BRENTA (Type GG)
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Great quality without the premium price tag

Brenta motorcycle and scooter brake pads have been engineered in Italy to the highest technical specifications. You can be sure of their quality by their internationally accredited TUV testing (TUV is the German testing body responsible for safety testing a great range of automotive products both with technical lab tests and with track tests)and KBA certification. This means that for a really sensible price you can ride with total confidence in the certified quality and stopping power of your brakes.

With any new brake pads remember to bed them in well by using them gently when they are new and building up to full fast braking over time.

Brenta Organic Brake Pads

Brenta organic brake pads are made from fibres and organic materials bonded with resin. Organic pads are versatile and suitable for most everyday road conditions. They have the additional advantage of bedding in quickly and being quieter when in use than sintered brake pads.

More information about brake pads:

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Plaquettes de Frein Arrière BRENTA (Type GG) [AA5368]