Protege-Reservoir - Motografix | Kawasaki ZL 600 1995 763 | Wemoto France
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Ce produit s'adapte à votre Kawasaki ZL 600 B1 Eliminator 1995

Protege-Reservoir - Motografix - Kawasaki ZL 600 B1 Eliminator 1995

Code Constructeur : AD0871

Epuisé Délai Estimé 12 Jours

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  • Manufactured in the UK from the highest quality vinyl, thermally printed and coated with a 3D gel layer which has excellent properties:
  • UV stable - the tank pad won't fade even after repeated exposure to bright sunlight
  • Design perfection - the resin coating is completely transparent, therefore highlighting the vibrant colour and razor sharp graphics
  • Durable adhesion - the coating tapers at the edges, so forming an excellent seal against lifting of the pad during cleaning
  • The graphics on these pads are so sharp that they are probably the only tank pad around that could add value to your bike wemoto recommend
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