BSA Bantam D10 Supreme / Silver 66-67 Chaîne SWIFT - Standard [AC7997]

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BSA Bantam D10 Supreme / Silver 66-67 Chaîne SWIFT - Standard
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Swift Chain Standard

Swift Chain's standard chain offers exceptional value compared to other chains on the market. Manufactured with exacting standards in Taiwan, Swift Chain is resistant to corrosion and rust, and uses specially heat-treated steel for strength and durability. In many cases Swift Chain has equal or higher ultimate tensile strength than the equivilent chain from leading manufacturers.

Pin Length Roller Diameter Plate Thickness Weight Tensile Strength
14.80mm 7.77mm 1.5mm 0.73kg per 100 links 19.61KN

If the original equipment chain was an O-Ring or X-Ring chain it must not be replaced with a non-O-Ring or non-X-Ring chain. It must be replaced with a sealed chain of equal or greater strength.

For more information about transmission chains, take a look at our Chain Maintenance Guide or our Chain Dimensions Guide

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Chaîne SWIFT - Standard [AC7997]
 15.46 Information Information sur la pièce
Swift Chain Heavy Duty 420x120 Steel Gray.
Supplied With Spring Link Only Recommended Upto 250CC Only