Aprilia MX 125 Supermoto 04-05 Chaîne DID - Super Renforcée [AB6571]

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Aprilia MX 125 Supermoto 04-05 Chaîne DID - Super Renforcée
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DID NZ 520 Super Heavy Duty Chain

DID NZ Super Heavy Duty Non-O-ring chains are designed with Motocross in mind. The amount of sediment that a motocross chain must endure makes o-rings impractical, as dirt can be trapped beneath them. Yet a hard-wearing, long-lasting chain is a must for the sport.
Featuring quad-riveted, SDH-treated pins, which forms a hard chromium-carbide layer on the pin's surface while maintaining a soft inner core, the pins of the DID NZ chain have extremely high impact strength while still maintaining shock absorption. This gives it superior wear resistance, at roughly four times that of a standard DID or regular heavy duty chain, as well as higher tensile strength.. DID NZ also has anti-oxidation properties and performs well against invasion of foreign materials, making it ideal for muddy or sandy conditions.

Pin Length Roller Diameter Plate Thickness Weight Tensile Strength Colour
18.35 10.20mm 2.2mm 1.61kg per 100 links 35.8KN Plain

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Chaîne DID - Super Renforcée [AB6571]
 67.31 Information Information sur la pièce
Spring link supplied with chain. Colour - Plain/Metal.